A Season of Hope

Spring - mod  Spring is here! The trees are budding, the birds are singing, and there are tell-tale signs everywhere reminding us of the hope for a new season and new life.

Putting your Faith in Christ is like this, too. Winter is often seen as the dark and endless season where coldness and gloom seem to be the rule. Just like winter, our lives sometimes have seasons that seem to be dark and cold. Seasons where we can become bogged down by the world, feeling hopeless from an ostensibly endless string of bad decisions, bad behavior, hurting others, or seemingly endless dark days of a difficult or depressing time. During such periods we can lose sight of hope. But just as Spring promises new life, there is hope. A new and profound hope that can be found in a relationship with Jesus. Even if you feel like you’ve made too many mistakes or that you are stuck in an endless time of darkness or you feel like you are teetering on the edge of a hope precipice, Jesus offers hope like no other.

20160416_110050 mod  Just as new flowers push up through the once frozen soil to bring new life to a barren landscape, there is new life waiting for you to uncover it and let it blossom into the newly living splendor that was created for each of us in Christ. I can remember times in my own life when I felt hopeless. Times when I wondered if there would ever be light in my life again. As a child, I had many dark days to live through when my father abandoned our family. Just trying to survive was sometimes all that I could muster. Watching my mother struggle to provide for my brothers and I brought uncertainty and confusion. I struggled to find anything I could trust in. Finding Jesus lifted me up out of this darkness and created a hope in me that sustained through an uncertain future.  And I found that my problems grew smaller as Christ became bigger in my life.

Everyone has a story or a different journey. No matter what you’ve been through, what decisions you have made, what you have been put through, or how dark your days seem today, Jesus offers hope.

Jesus suffered and died to bring all of us a new hope and new life through him. Maybe you are a skeptic? Maybe you are just not sure that this Jesus people talk about is real. There are clearly convincing facts that Jesus did exist and that the stories and truth we read in the Bible are factual. Below we’ve linked to some resources that can help you know these stories are true. I would also encourage you to find someone who can answer your questions about God. And by all means don’t hesitate to ask God, He created you and knows what is in your heart and He longs for you to know Him.

Saying yes to Jesus and living a life grounded in him releases us from the gloom of darkness and gives us new life. We are transformed, much like the transformation of new life in a Spring flower, we rise up out of the coldness to be renewed in the Son. Having accepted a new life in Him, we have His word to nourish us and help us grow in the hope-filled life He has planned for us. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

God loves you. He gave his Son for you. There is nothing that can keep you from the hope found in a relationship with God. Your dark and endless path, hopelessness and darkness, can all fall a way and bring to you a new life, a new Spring. Are you ready to walk into the warmth and light of the One who loves you?

Here are some resources to help you get your questions answered:

Cold Case Christianity

Lee Strobel

Answers In Genesis

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